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Bedliner Review Reply June 21, 2019

Hi Jamie here from container build group. Here we are at the London Dale house. You were seen the first video and here's the final video of it all finished inside and out so we're going to go through and show you inside at some of the features and how this thing turned out. Let'S take a look: Music ], you [, Music ]. This is an epic huge house, workers, ate meat ceilings, massive outlook and very grand, as you can see, standing in here - pretty proud that we were part of this and getting this all done. Okay, so in the kitchen catalysis is made by our kitchen Factory, and here we're gon na buy for Windows with the servery. You have to the macadamia foam, that's here in swimming pool, so it's going to be a nice place to live, which it was by us. [, Music ]: this is the quiet style. This is they've chosen. Everything but they've had the opportunity now and pick every light, switch USB power, point charges and everything's at the highest of end in this house. So as far as an architectural high-end home, if you're wondering, can we deliver a product of this standard, the answer is: yes, we can okay. So then this drug there was a lot of on-site work. We'Ve got obviously the containers completed, but the things like all the ballast rating and the staircases need to be basically fully measured and fabricated. Once the containers are in place to get a high-end finish, and you know we need to conjunct the professionals, on-site, [, Music, ]. Alright, so in the other, the MTS bathrooms - okay in here we've got Penny Rios and please that all of this attack today, but Jesus feels good underfoot. This is what the heat rails every as well. So that's why some more details again. The client picked the style on the south side, credit to them sure yeah. We deliver the finish. So this is this furniture bathrooms and the kitchens are concerned, you're going to be extremely happy with what we can provide to a really high level. I guess an upstairs bathroom once again, this is a 20-foot container, so it's a big big bathroom, fully open penny round floor again, custom great, but your insect shelving as well. All the plumbing fittings from risk, including the heat towel rail and Austin Lewis, like I said again, state-of-the-art everything in this house, but this toilet estiga example - is the brand new released from reese, where it's got the built-in system in the actual toilet. So it's not actually recessed behind the wall. Most of those other tools we had to get to a fixed, maintain and it just basic electric once we're in the upstairs library. Okay. So it's got to be open cut here, so I can look at that. You up on top story here with all the custom shelving Midwest and it's all encased in the 20-foot container, as well, so like every room in this house. So it's a fantastic setup, we're very happy with how the Container home finished our building inspector got quite a big surprise over how our initial concept drawings and our initial photos that we talked to him with this is what we're thinking of doing and how the projects Ended up true to what we initially planned, we're finishing the inside the rooms, particularly in the bathrooms, has been to a very high stead throughout the project we haven't tried to hide. The our containers and finishing side is what we wanted. Where you walk into it. It feels like a home, but the aspect of it being a container is always there. It'S never something that we've tried to hide away: [, Music ], you

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