8 Unbelievable Shipping Container Structures

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At 32,000 dollars this home cost less than most luxury vehicles, and that includes the stainless steel kitchen, the porcelain bathroom, with porthole window and skylight over the showers, the bamboo floors and walls. The electrical wiring and plumbing are already in place. You just have to hook up to the utilities. The insulation and glazing are both energy efficient, which means you'll save money on heat and hydro. The finishes are built on spec in a factory environment, so thus far less waste involved and by default it has a much smaller carbon footprint because you don't have the trade driving in a week after week, month after month, the designers say because it's built out of Shipping containers they're by default stronger, more durable in a typical home. They can withstand hurricane winds and, of course, Canadian ice storm. Think of it like Lego. This is basically an architectural building block. That house just happens to be made up of two shipping containers and just like Lego, the possibilities are endless. The owner here has decided to buy three more units since you've got all this space to play with Music, ] [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ]. The high cost of living puts a strain of more and more people in the UK. Many embrace the idea that less is more and some get creative with what could and should be considered a home artists. Our first takes us to an open house when addressing the issue of affordable housing. One London Charities been thinking outside the box, but when it comes to their solution, it's what's inside that counts meet the MyPad. The shipping container doubles as a low-cost home. Renting in London is particularly expensive and once again, we've seen rents, hit record high, so going to go up and take a look inside and see what this is all about. Thank you very much for having us yeah. This is my pad yeah. This is my pad and, as you can see, we've got a desk here inside the mike has been designed to provide those who need it most with affordable, independent living and it's just 75 pounds a week than my pad, certainly cheap by London standards. I think it's difficult for anybody right now to get a comfortable accommodation, a good price without getting you know, paying xplornet allowances when, as an idea, the my pad is brilliantly innovated, it's being designed as a quick fix. Now, there's planning permission for 30. More of these to be built next year, but predictions say that if Britain continues at its current rate of building than by 2020 and we played a shortfall of two million homes in the UK, so you can see the scale of the problem and it's why? What started out as a local temporary solution can end up becoming a more permanent fixture Surface RT London [, Music ]. I was shocked at how fabulous it did look so more than satisfied and what was more important really. Is the women love it? It really is like a work of art. I just feel very lucky to be the beneficiary of somebody, who's, intelligent thought and creative imagination. That would build something like this. It'S the first of its kind in Canada, a multi-unit housing project made entirely of shipping containers. It'S a blueprint from the Attero Women's Resource Center, a non-profit society helping to end violence against women, the individual living spaces. Don'T just support the women's organization. It also provides a low-income housing option for women over 50. I just love the idea of shipping containers. It was the unusual element of living in a shipping container. I think I, like small spaces. I'Ve always been a kind of a minimalist, and this takes it to another level. The 280 square foot apartment maximized, the living space with a compact size, bridge, convection, oven and a washer and dryer all in one. Nothing is too far away. It doesn't take long to keep anyone a tour of place. It'S a challenge to decide where the furniture is going to go. Everything in here is lightweight, that's something I wanted. The atera Women's Resource Society originally purchased the heritage building at the corner of Jackson and Alexander and needed to figure out what to do with the 25 by 117 foot lot beside it. The women's support organization, one BC Hydro, is home of the future shipping container sample house from the 2010 Winter Olympics and the project built up from there. It was two shipping containers we actually expanded the project with 12 shipping containers. Here, it's obviously three stories tall. We purchased another 10 containers from the port, actually, which is across the street, from where the containers are now located. I love the fact that the shipping container here looks out on shipping containers and the loading of the shipping containers we had to ship them all out to Richmond to where they were modified. So that's where the metal fabrication happened and backs were cut out to place in the curtain. Wall glazing. The multi-unit housing was recently nominated in three categories for the 2013 Georgia Awards celebrating excellence in home, building, Music ]. Now it's time for me to bring your dream to reality. After all of this time in the building industry, I've been asked countless times to help others build their own container home. I'Ve always been worried about others doing work like this, but after helping a few people, I knew it was something I loved to do. And finally, after many years of experience, I've created a simple to follow DIY guide, to building a container home, to learn more about how you can build your own container homes. Please click the link in the description below

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